Monthly Archives: November 2011

Held Hostage by Delusions

Now that Occupy Portland is looking for a new place to crash, it’s eyeing a relationship with Portland State University students. Carrie Medina, social media liaison for Occupy Portland, told the PSU Vanguard, that if Occupy Portland doesn’t set up tents on the South Park Blocks near the school, it might place information stations on […]

Preparing for Evolution

Antonio Zamora expects to wake up Monday morning in jail or on a park bench with a group of people. He could go to his mom’s place in Gresham, but what a letdown that would be after five weeks in Occupy Portland. “I have experienced real prosperity here,” the 26-year-old PCC student said, a couple […]

We’ve All Been Groped

Of course Herman Cain has tested the waters – and not just in the Republican race for president. By his age, how many men haven’t chanced what they thought might be an easy piece of tail? Ask any woman who has reached middle age if she has ever had a man touch her in a […]

Mother Earth’s Biological Clock

The earth’s seven billionth baby was born recently, and it turned out to be just another story of the week. Procreation is the most sacred of sacred cows for politicians and the media. Republicans are joined at the hip to the religious right, and the religious right dances around a male deity (who had a […]