Monthly Archives: February 2012

Gay Bullies: It Gets Worse

LaGrande, Ore., Mayor Daniel Pokorney has joined CNN commentator Roland Martin on an apology tour seeking forgiveness from gays. If you could read the minds of Pokorney and Martin, would you find sincere apologies? Or would you find fear? The gay community mobilizes and pounces at the slightest offense – demanding apologies, firings, resignations. This […]

Memo to Privileged White Folk

February is half over. Have you genuflected enough? Have you acknowledged, with a quiver in your voice, the advantages bequeathed to you by your pale-faced father and mother? If not, a young blonde woman named Olivia did so on your behalf this week in the Council Chamber at the Templeton Campus Center at Lewis & […]

Surrendering to Drugs

Just say no to drug enforcement. That’s what the Oregon legislature is contemplating if it wipes out regional drug task forces. Why don’t lawmakers admit that the war on drugs is over; the dealers and their drugs won. The timing’s good, what with all the attention that Whitney Houston’s death is receiving. The co-chairs of […]

Hold the Applause

Failure can hide in what passes for “success” stories. Like the story Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schrunk told recently about a graduate of Drug Court. Speaking to the Portland City Club, Schrunk described how a man holding a baby, and accompanied by an attractive woman and an older couple, approached him at a Drug […]