Monthly Archives: May 2012

When Justice Isn’t in the Cards

What a mockery justice becomes when guilt and innocence mean nothing. Consider the case of Brian Banks, who served five years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit — but pleaded no contest to. He was cleared of all charges last week. His record is now clean. Banks, a 6-foot-4, 225-pound football star at […]

The Leonard Pitts Solution

Two days after Leonard Pitts wrote still another column on the injustices of harsh prison sentences, a New Jersey judge showed him how lenient sentences can also be unjust. Dharun Ravi received 30 days in jail for 15 counts related to using a webcam to spy on his gay college roommate being intimate with a […]

A False Choice: Teachers or Cops

It’s a sad sight when adults sulk like 4-year-olds. When the adults are members of a school board, it’s disturbing. Yet there sat Bobbie Regan this week as the Portland Public Schools Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve a budget that nobody liked. “I want us to remain UPSET so we can take this […]

Rosenblum fails ‘the vulnerable’

Michael Scott Simons confessed to sexually abusing three women with Alzheimer’s disease. Ellen Rosenblum, candidate for Oregon’s Attorney General, let him out of prison. As a judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals, Rosenblum wrote the opinion in 2007 freeing Simons four years after a 98-year prison sentence. Joshua Norman Kelley’s confessions about molesting two […]