Monthly Archives: July 2012

Having Fun In Prison

Twenty years from now, how many pen pals will Aurora, Colo., killer James Holmes have? Andrew Metz has several, and he murdered only two people. He told the Oregon State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision earlier this month he looks forward to a future that he hopes will include starting a family. (Interested? Check […]

The Man With The Signs

In a worst-case scenario, the Portland Public Schools bond will pass in November, and almost a half-billion dollars will buy no substantive change in education. The bond calls for modernizing three high schools and a middle school, upgrading middle school science labs and seismically retrofitting 14 schools – all worthy endeavors. But given Portland’s low […]

Spinning the Numbers on Public Safety

When did think tanks start doing our thinking for us? Here in Oregon, Gov. John Kitzhaber and his legislative leaders have hired the Pew Center on the States to tell them what to do about public safety. The Pew Center on the States has been getting a lot of favorable publicity since it began its […]