Monthly Archives: August 2012

This Will Never Stop

The 17-year-old girl was in labor when she arrived at the emergency room, strapped into a wheelchair because her physical and mental disabilities made it difficult for her to sit upright. She could not speak. Hospital staff remembered her from two years earlier – when she had given birth the first time. “This is the […]

Carpooling to the Gun Range

Ceasefire Oregon’s gun turn-in outside Memorial Coliseum provided photo ops to Portland television stations, but the real gun news was at a Holiday Inn on Northwest Vaughn Street. The Liberal Gun Club, which has about 700 members nationwide, concluded its third annual meeting in Portland. The club’s weekend gathering happened to coincide with the four-hour, […]

Sacrificing the Small Fry

Neither murderer Gary Haugen nor Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber understand the nature of sacrifice. In Kitzhaber’s case it’s surprising. He used to be an emergency room doctor. Certainly he realizes that some people are worth trying to save, and some are not. His efforts on behalf of Haugen not only cost the state of Oregon […]