Monthly Archives: February 2013

“That (Cop’s) Crazy”

Christopher Dorner’s law enforcement career did not turn out like he had planned, and no doubt he had big plans. Dorner was a police officer at a time when blacks were rising through America’s law enforcement ranks, and were even becoming chiefs. The Los Angeles Police Department had its first black chief in 1992. Like […]

The Glory of Being Female

One of the most contentious battlefields has got to be the female body. Everybody wants a piece of it. That’s why the recent decision to allow women in the military to serve in direct combat has an anticlimactic feel to it. The same day Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced his decision, in the hours before […]

Brainwashing a Terrorist

The prolonged adolescence of Mohamed O. Mohamud has ended with a guilty verdict. Now he can show he’s an adult by ordering his attorneys not to file an appeal on his behalf. It won’t be easy. Chief defense attorney Stephen Sady has already said there will be an appeal. Is this really what Mohamud wants? […]