Monthly Archives: May 2013

Journalism’s Agony and Ecstasy

One of the most under-reported stories in 21st Century America is the daily grind of so many workplaces, courtesy of our high-tech supremacists. Monologist Mike Daisey, who likes to say he served three years at, wants more stories about labor. He brought one of them to Portland, a monologue called JOURNALISM. Daisey billed his […]

Taxing Portland’s Art Spirit

Has there ever been a more inspirational work of art than the dollar sign? It mesmerizes everyone from the Dalai Lama to the humblest public employee. His Holiness recently blessed the city of Portland with a visit that drew at least 10,000 to Memorial Coliseum where he offered his usual advice: Scorn wealth and materialism. […]

Portland’s NIMBY Elite

When registered sex offender Thomas Henry Madison of Gresham, Ore., turned up six months ago at a neighborhood meeting protesting a sex offender clinic, he was tossed out. That protest was in the Inner Southeast Portland enclave of Sellwood/Moreland, and those neighbors succeeded in shutting down the clinic. Last week, Madison was back at a […]