Monthly Archives: June 2013

Downsizing High-Tech’s Future

In the 1990’s, I was so busy as a newspaper reporter in California I didn’t notice that men like my father were losing their work in the Oregon sawmills. When I came home on vacation one summer, I saw a bumper sticker on my dad’s pickup truck: “Save a logger, eat an owl.” I’d heard […]

Our Vines Have Grown Twisted

Next year at this time, we’ll probably be outraged that our medical records are all over the Internet, courtesy of the Affordable Care Act. Electronic records are supposed to save money and improve care. Inevitably, they won’t remain private. If the reaction to the recent revelations about the government accessing our cell phone and Internet […]

A Mark on Judicial Majesty

There was a time – and not that long ago – when Paul DeMuniz entered a courtroom,  people stood up. Those days are gone. Now that DeMuniz is no longer chief justice of the Oregon State Supreme Court, he doesn’t command the respect he used to. Perhaps that’s appropriate. For the past two years, he […]