Monthly Archives: May 2014

Ballad of the Green Pear

Too bad Johnny Cash never got to meet Daniel R. Luke. The Man in Black could have taught Danny boy the meaning of hard time. On Dec. 5, 2010, Luke broke into his ex-wife’s Northeast Portland home and tried to strangle her while his two young sons were there. The police arrived and arrested him. […]

Lessons in Faking It

Three University of Oregon basketball players, who crowded into a bathroom with a drunken young woman and treated her like a glory hole, thought she was being a good sport. “It seemed like she was cool with it …,” Dominic Artis is quoted as saying in a Eugene Police Department report, referring to the UO freshman […]

Our Misplaced Outrage

White supremacist groups probably score a few more sympathizers every time the American media explode in outrage over a racist comment. What must a white guy think when he finds that even private, negative thoughts about blacks are not allowed? It could make a guy seethe. Especially if he can’t find a decent job, can’t […]