Monthly Archives: August 2014

NPR’s Racial Profiling

A friend of mine, who is a life-long Democrat, likes to joke that the reason left-wing talk radio has never caught on is that they don’t need it – they’ve got NPR. That’s not so funny given the extended coverage out of Ferguson, Mo. NPR’s reporting of a police officer – a WHITE police officer […]

‘Life Isn’t for Everybody’

Several months ago, one of the click-bait titles that popped up frequently on the Internet was “11 Female Stars Who Used to be Hot.” Would Robin Williams, 63, have clicked on that story to see which formerly hot actresses were now considered past their prime? Or would he have looked at that link and wondered […]

Moving to the Dark Side

The worst job I ever had was in the circulation department of The Oregonian newspaper, taking complaints over the phone from subscribers who had not received their paper. This was last century when many adults considered a newspaper part of their daily routine. I was a freshman in college, and the weekend hours fit my […]