Monthly Archives: June 2015

For Those Who Still Hear the Guns

It’s easy to play the ugly American when the target is right here in America, in the American South. We love making fun of all those ignorant bohunks with their Southern twangs. As the Confederate battle flag comes down in South Carolina (and elsewhere), perhaps Civil War re-enactments will end, too. Then maybe we can […]

Race and Consequences

Take a long look at Rachel Dolezal, and don’t be surprised if you see Margaret Seltzer in blackface. Both of them needed the black experience to give their lives meaning. In today’s America, being white is so … boring. Especially basic white – no gayness, no bisexuality, no gender grievances, no family dysfunction, no historic […]

A Gang of Police Reformers

While a teenage gunman shot three people at a street fair in Northeast Portland, less than a mile away a citizen oversight group was holding a town hall meeting on police reform. It turns out the 16-year-old shooter and members of the police reform group have something in common: They all want respect. The teenager […]