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Political Hands Rock the Cradle

Life begins with somebody getting screwed. Sounds cynical, but that’s how it is. Who’s getting screwed by President Donald Trump’s decision to end federal funding to organizations that provide abortions? Women and children – and, yes, some men. It’s ironic that Trump’s signature on a law targeting Planned Parenthood funding came in April, which happens […]

Signs of the Trump Revolution

Which pussy, its hour come round at last, marches in the streets, slouching towards Washington, D.C. to get even? Pussies of all colors and undefinable genders. This is not “The Second Coming” that W.B.Yeats had in mind in his famous poem. It’s the Second Coming of America’s feminist movement, and it already has a buzzword […]

Passing the Kleenex

When the 11-year-old girl in Stevensville, Mont., didn’t want to have sex with her grandfather, he would sit on the couch and sulk. “He would … pout if he didn’t get what he wanted. … He’d wait to see if I could come out and look at him and feel sorry for him, but I […]

A Toast to Health Care

Happy Hour at a bar called the High Dive in Southeast Portland – what better place to apply for health insurance through Cover Oregon. That’s where I signed up for insurance after seeing an invitation on the Internet from a group called Working America. Within minutes of registering for a 5:30 p.m. slot, I received […]

The Glory of Being Female

One of the most contentious battlefields has got to be the female body. Everybody wants a piece of it. That’s why the recent decision to allow women in the military to serve in direct combat has an anticlimactic feel to it. The same day Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced his decision, in the hours before […]

The Mice That Didn’t Roar

October is the season of Santa Ana winds, which blow hot and dry through Southern California, making people jittery. “Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands’ necks,” wrote Raymond Chandler, in one of his most famous lines. The Santa Anas must not push the meek little wives too […]

This Will Never Stop

The 17-year-old girl was in labor when she arrived at the emergency room, strapped into a wheelchair because her physical and mental disabilities made it difficult for her to sit upright. She could not speak. Hospital staff remembered her from two years earlier – when she had given birth the first time. “This is the […]

The Smug Life: Having It All

Only in America would a woman with a husband, two children and her dream job at the State Department (with a back-up position as a tenured Princeton professor) complain that she can’t have it all. And only in America would the media gather around and commiserate. In the current issue of The Atlantic, Anne-Marie Slaughter, […]

America’s Transit of Venus

What kind of civilization will America be in December 2117? Will it be reduced to a once-extravagant wonder, a country whose glory days are found in history books that nobody reads anymore? In Shirley Hazzard’s 1980 novel, “The Transit of Venus,” a prosperous New York attorney tells his wife, a young woman from Australia: “Our […]

The Week That Wasn’t

“Trust Women Week” ended a couple of days ago, and had a friend not e-mailed me about it, I would have never known it was happening. Sadly, I don’t trust women. Neither do I trust Planned Parenthood, People for the American Way, and the other usual groups who are supposed to be fighting for […]