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Get Out — From Under the Past

If Quanice Hayes had been given my brain, he would not have been shot by Portland police. No, if this 17-year-old black male thought like I did, he would have never put a gun to a homeless man’s head, robbed him of his food stamp card and then later, as police tried to arrest him, […]

San Bernardino: America’s Future?

SAN BERNARDINO – This hellhole used to be my playground. It says something about this city that in the days after 14 people were killed and 21 injured in a terrorist attack, some folks here were hoping the media attention might help San Berdoo turn around. A year from now when the media revisit for […]

Dr. Carson’s Remedy

What a shame Ben Carson doesn’t have the street cred of rapper Young Thug. The media might have treated the retired neurosurgeon and presidential candidate with more respect when he suggested that crime victims should fight back. Carson was portrayed as another loony tune Republican when he made his suggestion after a mass shooting earlier […]

‘Stay Mad Normie Scum’

Too bad Pope Francis didn’t visit America a week later. He could have used the killings at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., to denounce guns – and abortion. The Holy Father could have pointed to the killer’s apparent hatred of religion, then – working all angles – he could have drawn a connection between […]

America’s Black Whine

 Thank God for the NRA, or the media might have to contemplate the blood on their own hands in the creation of Vester Flanagan. As it is, the media will probably let Flanagan fade away much the same way they let Christopher Dorner disappear. Remember Dorner? He was the black, ex-Los Angeles police officer who […]

Fear of Black Men

The year 2042 can’t get here fast enough. That’s the year when demographers predict white people will be the statistical minority in the U.S. Finally, black folks will have to find someone else to blame besides whitey. Only joking. I’m not worried about being a statistical minority because I’ve never felt part of a majority. […]

The War on Guns

If you are one of those people who secretly enjoys each new high-profile shooting, believing it’s going to bring the U.S. closer to banning firearms, don’t get your hopes up. America will always have guns. It cannot control guns any more successfully than it has controlled drugs or illegal immigrants. It has been estimated that […]

D-Day’s Ordinary Men

Here they come, the last members of that over-hyped “Greatest Generation” to celebrate America’s longest and finest day. That’s how the publicity and remembrances of June 6, 1944 may seem to some of the grandkids and great grandkids of that generation. “That was 70 years ago. Let’s move on,” someone said to me last month, […]

Grab Your Guns! America Is Sinking!

Did you know that the Girl Scouts of America is a pro-abortion organization? It’s amazing what you can learn after attending a state legislative hearing on a proposed gun law. Of course, the best thing about any new proposed gun law is the entertainment factor. For all the gun laws we have – and we […]

Bullied by a Trendy Crime

The identity of the shooter in the Sparks, Nev., school killings hadn’t been released before a popular excuse was quickly invoked: He had been bullied. “There has to be an end to this bullying. It is the responsibility not only of the parents but also the schools have to put a stop to this. Bullying […]