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The Luxury of Some Americans

A few times in my life I’ve had to kill a black widow spider. Normally I have a live-and-let-live attitude with spiders. They’re interesting creatures. But the bite of a black widow can cause illness and, occasionally, even death. Killing a black widow is nothing to celebrate. Kill it, clean it up, and make sure […]

D-Day’s Ordinary Men

Here they come, the last members of that over-hyped “Greatest Generation” to celebrate America’s longest and finest day. That’s how the publicity and remembrances of June 6, 1944 may seem to some of the grandkids and great grandkids of that generation. “That was 70 years ago. Let’s move on,” someone said to me last month, […]

Our Vines Have Grown Twisted

Next year at this time, we’ll probably be outraged that our medical records are all over the Internet, courtesy of the Affordable Care Act. Electronic records are supposed to save money and improve care. Inevitably, they won’t remain private. If the reaction to the recent revelations about the government accessing our cell phone and Internet […]

The Glory of Being Female

One of the most contentious battlefields has got to be the female body. Everybody wants a piece of it. That’s why the recent decision to allow women in the military to serve in direct combat has an anticlimactic feel to it. The same day Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced his decision, in the hours before […]