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‘A Huge Rash of Homicides’

Every occupation has its own slang, and for many years “NHI” was cop talk for No Humans Involved, meaning that a particular incident involved only dirtbags. If both the offender and the victim were Adam Henrys (old cop slang for Ass Hole), it was NBD and NGL (No Big Deal and No Great Loss.) Twenty-five […]

Lounging in the Life of the Mind

An alleged rape victim recently made headines when she won $800,000 in a settlement against the University of Oregon, but other news in the same backyard was barely noticed: Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner, who declined to prosecute the alleged rape, resigned to become a state police captain. As one of the state’s workhorse […]

A Mark on Judicial Majesty

There was a time – and not that long ago – when Paul DeMuniz entered a courtroom,  people stood up. Those days are gone. Now that DeMuniz is no longer chief justice of the Oregon State Supreme Court, he doesn’t command the respect he used to. Perhaps that’s appropriate. For the past two years, he […]