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The Politics of Progressive Justice

If you were once an incarcerated felon, you would have qualified for free admission to a recent event in Portland, Ore., featuring progressive Florida prosecutor Aramis Ayala. If you were the victim of a felon, you would have paid $10 to $40. How’s that for progressive? Put a smile on it. This is Portland. Liberal […]

The Luxury of Some Americans

A few times in my life I’ve had to kill a black widow spider. Normally I have a live-and-let-live attitude with spiders. They’re interesting creatures. But the bite of a black widow can cause illness and, occasionally, even death. Killing a black widow is nothing to celebrate. Kill it, clean it up, and make sure […]

Sacrificing the Small Fry

Neither murderer Gary Haugen nor Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber understand the nature of sacrifice. In Kitzhaber’s case it’s surprising. He used to be an emergency room doctor. Certainly he realizes that some people are worth trying to save, and some are not. His efforts on behalf of Haugen not only cost the state of Oregon […]

Questions for the Living

If you were murdered, would you want your killer executed? Murder can be a terrible way to die. Even if it’s quick – and it often isn’t – murder is a crime that is stuck on rewind. The killer can revisit his victim’s final moments in his mind anytime he wants to. He can relive […]

Troy and Tookie Live On

In the split-second eternity when the needle connected with his arm, Troy Davis may have appreciated at last what happened to Mark MacPhail. Perhaps Davis finally realized what death is: He wouldn’t be here to see the news about his own execution. Davis died a humane death with loved ones nearby. But because he was […]