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‘A Huge Rash of Homicides’

Every occupation has its own slang, and for many years “NHI” was cop talk for No Humans Involved, meaning that a particular incident involved only dirtbags. If both the offender and the victim were Adam Henrys (old cop slang for Ass Hole), it was NBD and NGL (No Big Deal and No Great Loss.) Twenty-five […]

Grab Your Guns! America Is Sinking!

Did you know that the Girl Scouts of America is a pro-abortion organization? It’s amazing what you can learn after attending a state legislative hearing on a proposed gun law. Of course, the best thing about any new proposed gun law is the entertainment factor. For all the gun laws we have – and we […]

Same Faces, Same Problems

Gov. John Kitzhaber could have created a more credible Commission on Public Safety had he and legislative leaders randomly picked names off the state’s voter rolls. Instead, they ended up with Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz, who most recently distinguished himself by vacating a Death Row inmate’s execution date – even though the inmate […]