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Seeking Justice at the City Club

The City Club of Portland is not where you will find the poor and the destitute. This is a members-only civic organization where you will find community leaders and activists, business owners, various professionals and elected officials who meet for lunch and conversation. Each week they gather at the elegant Sentinel Hotel for the Friday […]

Advocating for Abusers

No wonder women get slapped around. Consider the spectacle they created in a hearing room at the Oregon State Capitol, where a legislative committee took testimony on a proposed law to drop mandatory-minimum sentences for first-degree sexual abuse, second-degree robbery and second-degree assault. Here they came over two days of hearings, women representing groups with […]

The Universe of What’s Possible

Frank Rizzo, tough cop and former Philadelphia mayor, coined a phrase that has become a popular myth: “A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged the night before.” No, a liberal who’s been mugged is probably still a liberal – but with an appreciation for what it’s really like to be mugged. This is a […]